Shayan Khan : Rising Star makes Acting debut with Na Band Na Baraati

Shayan Khan is a upcoming Pakistani Actor & Producer, who makes his Acting debut with  “Na Band Na Baraati”.  NBNB got released in Pakistan during festive period of EID, with good success within audience and mixed critics review.

NBNB is a movie about Pakistani family living in Toronto, Canada, who are busy organising desi weeding for their 2 sons. Shayan Khan plays a very important role of younger brother which has shades of comedy and emotions.

Cast : Mikaal Zulfiqar, Anzhelika Tahir, Ali Kazmi, Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Shayan Khan, Nayab Khan, Komal Farooqi, Azra Mohiuddin, Saram Jaffery

London, In candid interview with Mastiunlimited  “Shayan Khan” talks about his journey as producer and actor of the movie.

You have been credited as one of the producer of the movie, How was journey as producer of the movie?

Shayan Khan: My father was the producer of the movie but he passed away during last day of movie. Following the sad demise of my father my brother took over the producer title and even I was supporting the production of the movie.

NBNB is a first Pakistani film shot extensively in Canada, it was important for me to keep track on budget and production cost of movie. I had to wake up early in morning, ensure that camera, lightings, props, travel itineraries , and everything was properly planned and adequately sourced.

Production was like a crash course for me, challenging and learning experience. I learned a lot about lights, camera, makeup and DOP. I started movie with 175 pounds weight and by the time movie  got completed, I was 150 pounds, with height of 6’ 2” I got really scrawny.

What did you enjoy most during making of movie

Shayan Khan: Bonding with Cast of the movie, meeting new people, knowing how amazing people they are and what makes them great in their professional skills.

I got lot of help from senior actors and it was really fun. We had lots of fun on the sets a truly memorable experience.

Tell us something about the response movie has garnered?

Shayan Khan: Its huge challenge to get movie released in Pakistan there are only 68 working screens in Pakistan though some claim its 120. All cinema owners realized that I was very serious about my movie.

“During one of the screenings at Capri cinema in Karachi which has capacity of 800 seats, once the movie got finished people could recognize me and they showered their love and appreciation. I was overwhelmed by the Abundance of love they showed me.”

Any kind of reviews from the viewers makes me happy. And,  I will always work towards making the audience happier.

Which is better hat being producer or acting?

Shayan Khan: I feel acting is the best hat. Production of movie is very challenging, its massive task from making till marketing and release of the movie and not often  producers get credit for success.

What are your upcoming new projects?

Shayan Khan: Currently I haven’t decided, but I am going through some of the scripts.

Are there any particular Genre you want to explore in your future projects?

Shayan Khan: Currently Pakistani market is about comedy. But, I would love to do action movies.

It has been pleasure speaking to you, Thank you for your time and we wish you Very well for your Upcoming projects.

Movie Releases in UK cinemas on 6th of July


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