Moons Couture – Designer Jewellery Speaks Perfection

March 15, 2018 0 Comments

Jewellery designing is one of the most sensitive and complex forms of craftsmanship where creativity is the only aspect required to produce a masterpiece. One such hardworking designer is Memoona Qureshi of Moons Couture from London, who has proved creativity and uniqueness in her designs. Her pieces showcase her fantasy and inspiration and thus the simple jewellery pieces become extra-ordinary artisans. Her designs are intricate with intense detailing and profound crafting.

Qureshi is working really hard to pave her way towards major success as a brilliant jewellery designer. Her designs involve traditional jewelry that is par excellence. She has been acclaimed internationally and her work is considered as one of the best traditional creativeness. The techniques involved in her jewellery making are beyond appreciation and the efforts done by her hardworking team is incomparable.

Memoona Qureshi is an amazing entrepreneur in spite being a lovely housewife. Her dream is to fulfill her desires of jewellery designing and this is what is lifting her goals towards fame and success. Qureshi’s utmost inspiration is traditional jewelry where she incorporates semi-precious gems in every piece. The sparkling gems make each and every piece attractive. While designing her jewelry, she has been focusing a lot on the Mughal era where jewellery was considered one of the most important aspect of the attire.

In a recent interview, Qureshi unveiled that her biggest dream is to present her collection at the BCW (Bridal Couture Week) and redefine the meaning of jewellery making so that other designers can grab some inspiration. She also added that the trend of semi-precious stones, pearls, and mix metal will never be out of fashion and the durability will increase with time.

Memoona Qureshi also stated that our traditional jewellery is a mix of Indian and Pakistani ethnicity, as both the cultures once lived together and are highly inspired by each other. She is keen enough to train her craftsmen and wants them to dedicate their precious skills towards beautiful jewellery making. She specified that women of today are very much interested in heavy jewellery such as jhumkas, chokers, matha patti and kangans and are looking forward to buy beautifully designed pieces.

We personally wish Memoona Qureshi of Moons Couture best of luck for her future endeavors and wait for her successful walk towards the floor of fame where she will showcase her best-designed jewellery pieces.