Lana Explores the Creative dimensions of Phobia

June 19, 2018 0 Comments

Lana is a Lithuanian based Artist whose new work is Based on Phobia. Its explores new dimensions of creativity with combination of  Installation, photography and sculpture.

Phobia is also a self-conflict where she raises important questions through various creative freedom and expressions.

–             Why are you still here?

–             You often think about me, that`s why.

–             I don`t want to talk to you.

–             Why? I am so scary?

–             Yes, leave me, you`re ruining my life.

–             But I was always by your side from the childhood. Don`t you want to be friends anymore?

–             (A talk between me and phobias).

“PHOBIAS” is the cycle of works where Lana talks about phobias: the fear of passage of time, the fear of birds, the fear of holes and the fear of sharp things.  Her work captures a connection between self and the phobia with a mystical, slightly dramatic atmosphere.

Lana Quotes “The main idea of my current work is to dare to “wear” phobias. I am not trying to see them as an enemies, contrarily – I see the friendship between us like they are the part of me, the veil which protects us.

This topic is a big challenge for me. It is hard to talk about fears that have become a part of life from the very little days. By analyzing phobias, I go deep into the childhood memories, to the roots where it all began. Although, it is not easy to think of negative and difficult experienced situations, I am trying to find answers to the questions as it arises. Besides that, art helps me as well. Creativity is like a therapy, a way to “make friends” with your inner “enemies.” It’s a long process and a search for internal harmony. 

Nowadays, phobias topic is often discussed. It effects a lot of people but not everyone dares to talk about it and deal with his/her own fears. I hope to encourage the viewer to not be afraid of facing phobias and show art as a method to fight with them.










Thank you Lana for your time to speak with me. And, looking forward to see more artistic and thought provoking creations.

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