In conversation with Soul Stylist – Michelle De Matheu

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A former fashion designer, stylist and a fighter who battled against bulimia and anorexia with power of yoga.  She feels transformed, Enlighted and revived with mystic energy of divine freedom. She is now famously know as Soul stylist.



Thank you Michelle for your time for the short Interview,

  • Tell us about your Journey from glamorous fashion industry to peaceful Soul styling.

I guess they were always one. However, it took me a while to understand how to express them as a whole. Since, I started my work in fashion I always felt the real magic of style is the energy of each person… that personal, unique touch that make us who we are in our perfectly, imperfect way. Since I was 15 I was studying about metaphysics I always felt attracted but somehow I didn’t know how I could have a spiritual lifestyle instead of having  only a practice.

  • If you reflect back upon your accomplishment in fashion industry, How do you see that today?

I see it as a blessing and huge learning experience. Fashion is art, a silent language that becomes magnetic the minute we decide to design, style or wear our heart out. Today I help men/women to tap into the light that already exists inside of them to live aligned with their style, dreams and desires. Enjoy fashion as an extension of their authentic  self.

  • In ever demanding fashion industry Girls are highly exposed to specific requirements of size, weight, looks (like being skinny) etc……….. So, Did that played in your mind and pushed you to living that demanding lifestyle and did that indirectly impact your health.

It was a combination of things. My lifestyle back then had a strong influence in my reality. For many years I had a very unhealthy and not loving relationship with my body. Most of the times we focus  on the outside because it’s easier than going in listening to our heart, facing inner circumstances or  expressing  gratitude for our body or life.

We start Looking for happiness, joy or beauty  in the wrong places. Most of the times we forget what OUR body actually is a sacred vehicle to carry our light and help us accomplish our life mission and purpose. Taking care of our body is also a spiritual practice.

  • What brought change in your life?

FAITH. My recovery that was truly a miracle.

“I was reborn into love. Reborn into faith. Reborn as myself, an identity hiding beneath the assumptions, pressures and fear based thoughts that my whole life I’d created.

It was through welcoming faith and surrendering control that my light appeared so clearly. This light was divine love. It was my truth. It was a voice and knowing inside of me that I’d spent too much time repressing.

My life became my training. With no clear path ahead of me all I could do was trust, so I started following this sacred guidance above my usual instincts.” (Source:

  • If I was to ask you about 3 words what would you say, What is challenge, Accomplishment and achievement for you?

Challenge = growth, openness and creativity

Accomplishment = blessing, lessons, grace

Achievement = gratitude, joy, inspiration

(It was pleasure speaking to you to Michelle  and Thank you for your valuable Time)

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