In Conversation With Vishal Furia – Director Lapachhapi (Hide&Seek)

June 29, 2017 0 Comments

Lapachhapi a brilliant movie with power packed performances  opened with Rave reviews at London Indian Film Festival. Audiences were thrilled by Horror and enthralled by social message woven inside the movie.

This a debut film by Vishal Furia an Engineering Graduate who has been previously working in Television and Promo department. Jurassic park was a landmark movie where Vishal got inclined toward VFX with an Ambition to direct movie one day.

How did you get into idea of Film Making and especially Horror Genre?

Reply : It is not easy to get into filmmaking unless you have strong support system and influence in Film industry especially coming from Television background where there is fear of being easily Typecast. Vishal who is the huge fan of Horror movie feels that in India we do not make good Horror films (especially expectations to include sex/songs) and believes that Horror Genre in India needs to change, so he felt that this was starting point to plunge into the industry. I had good story to tell in constrained budget, Marathi movie was obvious choice and recently Marathi cinema has been very receptive about the change.

“The story of the movie has been written by Vishal Furia and screenplay & dialogues are by Vishal Kapoor”.

Did you ever feel that you would be easily typecast in a particular genre and  would it  be risky attempt?

 Reply: I was ready for the challenge, but also agrees that currently I have been typecast and the offers that I have been receiving are about or similar to horror movies.  But feels optimistic, that release of Lapachhapi will change the perception.


Tell us something about concept of Lapachhapi and its participation at film festivals

Reply: Every film has higher purpose and quoting “The Shining” which is not just a horror film but a very influential movie in itself.  The Idea to make Lapachhapi is to tell a good story rather than just horror movie, it is to reflect upon social message. (However,  he says I cannot revel message as it releasing soon in India)

But, he feels that concept is the main reason why the film has been received well at festivals and especially for London Indian film festival this is first horror film, And I am looking forward for future to unfold

What was the most challenging part during Film Making

Reply: Finding the Producer was the most challenging, some people were sceptical being my debut movie, while some insisted adding songs and sex in the movie to enhance commercial value. I believed in honest, sincere attempt and movie did not require such additions, that’s where I meet Jitnendra Patil who doesn’t come from filmy background and he saw power in story of the film and readily agreed to produce it.

Distribution and publicity was another difficult part, everybody said movie was nice, but were not ready to take risk. At this point we meet Aroona B Bhat and Suryaveer Singh Bhuller from Wild elephants Motion Picture who liked the film and agreed to distribute it.

What was the most the most easy part during the Filming

Reply: Shooting of the movie was the most easy part. Cast and Technical crew members were supportive and did fantastic job, my Producer were non-interfering which gave me ample freedom to express myself the way I visualized.

Tell us something about the casting for the movie?

Reply: Finding cast for the movie was not that difficult but agrees that it was a little bit difficult. Before Inception, I had visualization of certain characters in my mind, but some people did not want to do it due to date issues, few did not fit in budget while others felt that script is good but director is new. At this point I found, Pooja Sawant, Usha Naik Madame, Vikram Gaikwad and other actors and they showed confidence in me.

Initially, I didn’t have Pooja Sawant in my mind, she has hardly done few films and nothing really substantial. But when I saw the trailer of film which was about to release I saw some spark in her. Following that when I had meeting and spoke to her, I was convinced she had potential which was unexplored. During shooting she did brilliant, devoted herself for 2 months and today we can see amazing results of sheer dedication . I guess it is all destiny that everything fell in place.

What are your upcoming projects

Reply: Currently, I have couple of scripts  ready,  I am pitching them and also getting positive response. But, everybody is waiting for release of Lapachhapi and let’s see how it does, that is how industry works. Vishal shy, by saying that no one would trust me on face value, statistics and numbers matter, but one film cannot make or break a person and it the process which is important, so let’s see how it goes from here.

We ended by Wishing Well for the Success of Lapachhapi to Vishal Furia and Team.

Movie Releases in India on 14/07/2017